Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why do yellow flowers make me feel so good?

After a very sad day on Monday, I woke up Tuesday morning to find these lovely daffodils in my front yard. Today, I walked around my yard and found Spring everywhere.
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BRANCH said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm a very distant cousin, descendant of Christopher Branch, Christopher Branch (son), Benjamin Branch, Benjamin Branch (son), Edward Branch, Thomas Branch (Woods), Edmound Walker Branch, Norborne Pescud Branch, Willie P Branch, Sara Branch (my mother). Is the Branch genealogy book yours? (Loads of work, I'm sure.) Is it still available? Any info on the line from Edward Branch (d 1781) through Norborne Pescud Branch? (I'm trying to confirm that part of the line.) Drop me an email, if you would: (I'm also an amateur photographer ( Branch Watkins, Morristown, NJ