Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why do I let myself make so many promises?

I have too many hats to wear - or I have my finger in too many pies - or some other well worn cliche that means I have too much I'm SUPPOSED to do and not enough time to do any of it right.

Tonight I'm wearing my "librarian" hat because I'm at work. But I'm slipping into my "writer" hat for few minutes while I'm on break so I can get some blogging/venting done. At 9 pm when I get off I need to find my "grandma" hat and go watch my granddaughter play ball for an hour or two. Afterward, driving home and collapsing into bed with my ever-lovin' old man, I have to see if I can find my "good wife" hat. But if I can't find it and can only come up with my witch hat, I know he'll hang in there just like he has for the last 43 years.

If I get up extra early tomorrow, maybe I can sneak a half hour in my State genealogy "board member" hat and try to work on that slide show for the conference next week.